Thanks for these insights Alan, you raise some good points. I honestly don't know what the answer is but it is not possible for a parent to fully protect their child from the less appropriate aspects of the internet. It's just not. Even if you have a strict, well monitored system at home I promise you your kids are seeing it anyway. Even if they don't have a smart phone, some kids at school do and they have completely free access to that big inviting digital world. I've heard of eight year olds streaming porn in class while their poor teacher tries to teach. I really do think it's an indictment on us all that we can't get past ourselves and our shame/wants/needs/desires to prioritise children needs. I'm no fan of censorship or dictating to adults how to live but I do think there is merit in the idea of a 'hierachy of rights' with children neccessarily at the top. Of course there is a lot of money at stake too which is hardly beside the point.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing those resources, I really appreciate it.



Recovering economist. I write about parenting, politics, health, and feminism. Sporadic attempts at humour. Curious to a fault.

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